Side-Step Frustrating Writers’ Block

As an online content writer, you have to churn out so much content that it can sometimes get overwhelming– especially when you’re sitting there staring at a screen bereft of ideas.

Internet marketers need content for their blog posts, email autoresponders, info products, lead magnets, social media, and more.

When trying to keep up your momentum to stay competitive, you need to know how to draw upon inspiration and convert that time into content quickly.

Fear Can Block Ideas from Your Brain

When you’re plagued with self-doubt as a leader in your niche, it will be one of the biggest obstacles to your content creation success.
Another problem is assuming no one cares what you have to say.


Every idea that comes to mind will seem stupid, worthless, or ridiculous.

Or, you might compare yourself to someone else who has already created content on that subject and feel like you have nothing to say.
You will feel like nothing you create is good enough when you’re facing fear as a marketer regarding your content.
You may get drained trying to continually revise your content or think of some way to make it unique so it never makes it to publication.

If this niche audience needs help, the truth is, they care!

Remember that perfectionism kills your productivity and, in turn, your profits

They want to find multiple leaders in the niche who can give them advice and guidance, including yourself.
Very rarely does a consumer follow just one expert.

Give yourself a chance to sweep that doubt aside and promise never to allow it to impede your content production.

Without completing your content, you’ll never be able to help those who need it most.

Reach out to someone in the industry you trust and ask for some honest feedback on how you can improve if you’re worried about your writing abilities.

Some have a phrase that says done is good enough.

While that may not be 100% true (because you need to do it to the best of your ability), it’s close.

You’ll continue sitting on the sidelines as other marketers make money whenever you’re worried that it won’t be good enough, unique enough, or awe-inspiring enough.

Your unique tone, voice, and insight make it unlike anyone else’s.

You can also listen to your buyers and take their reviews to heart for future projects.

Your fear will have stalled you and blocked your ability to see that your slants and ideas are worthy of the attention of an interested (and paying) audience.

Even if there are already dozens of publications on the same topic, it’s likely that no one teaches it or conveys the information exactly as you would.

How to Brainstorm Niche Content

Brainstorm a variety of slants for your content.

Make sure you’re also looking at the formats you’re using Whenever you’re brainstorming topics.

Start by brainstorming your niche topics.

If you consistently deliver your information in PDF format, consider sharing your content in a different form, such as video, audio, or even an infographic

It’s for your eyes only.

Those are broad niches of their own, so you can take those and drill down on a topic to pair with yours.

Don’t just stick to the same old, stale take on your subject.
That takes the pressure off of you.

Switch things up and consider taking a different angle to convey your ideas.

When a lengthy or heated discussion occurs, that’s something to consider a priority.

Sometimes, you’ll find that all your competitors are doing the same thing– PDFs.

Brainstorming is not about sitting down and writing out entire articles in one sitting.

Turning your content into a video series can attract a massive following of people who prefer to learn via video over text-based content.

Let’s say you have a site in the anti-aging niche.

As a leader, people will mention things in passing to you.


When you need it most, make sure you jot down the idea in your notes for a piece of content at a later date.

You can think of all of the issues that affect anti-aging.

That might be things like sleep, stress, or weight.

Always remember that word of mouth is a powerful tool for your content brainstorming sessions.

Go into forums or groups on social media sites and see which current topics have the most engagement by other members.

How Stress Ages Your Mind. Or, How Your Sleep Needs Change As You Age.

You can begin by looking for trending information or niche news.

It’s a fantastic sloppy, loose method of dumping ideas out and sorting through them to see what will work best for your readers.

Your ideas will be anything happening in your niche that needs sharing with your followers.

Is it the first sentence that causes you the most writer’s block?

This way, you’ll be able to pick the one that feels better.

Another one may be a shocking statement.

For many, it is.

You might try one opener that asks a question.

Giving yourself the ability to try your hand at several different ones frees up your mind to expand your options.

Because they’re trying to craft that first sentence to perfect where it will capture the attention of their target audience, people often get stalled.

One way to save yourself frustration here is to write 4-5 different first sentences and choose which one you like best.

See which one feels better and go from there.

They fly through their content once they get that initial sentence out of the way.

Draw a Mind Map to Power Through Writer’s Block

They have both free and paid usage levels for this tool, but there are others you can find, too.

You can use many tools, including a simple pen and paper.

Expanding topics can yield hundreds or thousands of ideas by creating a mind map showing you where to go next.

A mind map shows how ideas relate and connect to one another, which is essential when writing niche marketing content.

You can also use something like PowerPoint to create ideas more tailored to your preferences.
If you want to keep going, it’s like a trail of possibilities you can follow.

You do offshoots of those, and so on.

Those are all topics related to losing weight.

Some people aren’t as able to see ideas in their heads.

They need to visualize it before them and see it with their eyes.

Mind maps like these can help you with many types of content– finding combination niches, developing products, creating bonuses, writing blog posts, making social posts, writing email campaigns, and more!


If you’re in the weight loss niche, you might have weight loss in the middle circle and then offshoots of topics like nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, water intake, tracking, and supplements.

You take each one and draw offshoots of those.
For instance, for nutrition, you might have different weight loss plans, such as 1,200 calorie diets, keto diets, vegetarian, and more.

MindMeister is one tool that allows you to create a visual image of your ideas and how they connect.

When drawn than listed or imagined, visual writers can see idea possibilities easier.

Learn How to Research and Take Notes for Inspiration

Note-taking is an essential skill that can assist you in beating writer’s block.

You might see an advertisement that spurs something to mind, so being able to jot it down helps you later.

The key is not to copy the author but to use it just as they educated themselves before they shared that insight with others.


If you can turn to it whenever you’re in content creation mode, it will benefit you.

Have a notepad with you wherever you go.

Many people are never formally taught how to research and take notes, or they forgot and were how it all works.

You can download eBooks to your Kindle or other eReader if you use a virtual reference library.

A book you can use to look up information and learn more about a topic helps you become a better leader.

They might have a twist on the topic you hadn’t previously considered.

If your niche is weight loss, you might have books on that topic and offshoot topics mentioned previously, like stress, sleep, exercise, etc.

Somewhere in your home or even on your computer, you have resources you go to educate yourself in a way that allows you to gain the knowledge you can share with others.

You might purchase a small bookshelf for your home that houses books in your niche.

When inspiration might strike, you never know.

Build a reference library for yourself.

You could be getting your car inspected and overhear a conversation between two friends about your niche topic.

Never rely on yourself to remember it later because it will often slip your mind, and that good content idea will be lost.

Create Your “Go To” Ideas

Sometimes timing is an excellent go-to idea starter.

You also want to create a list of buzzwords for your niche audience.

What do they look for?

Look for faster, smarter, instant, powerful, easy, etc.

People always want more free time, so if you teach them to do something in one hour, 7-days, 90-days, or something like that, it captures their attention.

Another thing that works for content ideas is numbered ideas.

That’s a content idea based on time.

Or 12 Ways to Make Sure Your Garden Produces a Big Harvest.

If you’re in men’s health, you might go to a search engine and type in men’s health

You might create a piece of content that shares 147 Calorie Saving Secrets.

Lose weight faster, organize your home using a structured process, train your pet with better results, and so on.

Go-to ideas are things your target audience always wants or enjoys to read. Everyone likes it when something tells them how to do something quicker.

Share a step-by-step method for meal prepping, a step-by-step lesson for working out your back muscles, or a step-by-step tutorial for building up your survival supplies.

They also love step-by-step topics.

You see some magazine covers, and you might see something like 17-Day Abs.

Create a swipe file of buzz words you can turn to for content ideas.

Don’t Use Writer’s Block as a Procrastination Excuse

It’s for your eyes only.

Don’t focus on the broad audience that might be viewing your content.

Or you might get started with your mind map or buzz words.

You can go back later and clean things up– polish them to perfection grammatically.

Think about it like no one will land on your blog, sign up to your list, or buy your product.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to pull together your content from this point on once you have a formidable idea bank built up.

Many people like to pretend the well of ideas for content is just empty.

Let the ideas flow from your mind when you create your content draft.

That’s not true.

Because you’ve done the preliminary work needed to fortify your content sessions, you won’t be struggling to eke out a single word or sentence.

It’s an excuse not to write– to stay paralyzed and not have to put yourself out there.

The more you practice researching, building swipe files, brainstorming, and mind mapping, the easier it will become for you to sit in your chair, select a type of content to write, and quickly whip up an idea to go on.

If no one will ever see it, you may want to write as.

Start by writing your drafts.

It might just be a list of the sub-niches that roughly connect to your own as a starting point.

Before you sit down to write again, start by creating a file of ideas.